Stimulas Nerver Tonic For Men

Product Description

Symptoms due to diminishing levels of androgens in middle and old aged men. Helps to rejuvenate the lost vigour & vitality with optimum satisfaction.
Product Composition

Each ml contains- Withania somnifera 1x 0.10 ml HPI, Agnus castus 1x 0.10 ml HPI, Damiana 1x 0.10 ml HPI, Avena sativa 1x 0.10 ml HPI, Nuphar lutea 1x 0.10 ml HPI, Staphysagria 3x 0.10 ml HPI, Caladium seguinum 3x 0.10 ml HPI, Acidum phosphoricum 3x 0.10 ml HPI, Ginseng 3x 0.05 ml HPI, Titanium 3x 5.00 mg HPI, Selenium 3x 5.00 mg HPI, Purified water q.s. HPI, Alcohol content 54.0% v/v

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