Pulmonary tonic – Dr. Reckeweg R 57

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Two groups of remedies are contained in the complex. The one group exerts its influence on the bronchial mucous membranes and the other group, consisting of constitutional remedies,being of benefit to the asthenic as well as the phlegmatic types. In this way it is possible to reduce the susceptibility to tuberculosis and to reduce any existing infection by way of stimulating the endogenous immune response. Arsenum jodat: Tonic, stimulates the appetite. Calc. carb. Hahnem: Similar recalcifying effect, eliminates the excess of water in the tissues. Lycopodium: Increase the activity of the liver, stimulates the appetite, facilitates the detoxicating function of the liver. Silicea: Recalcifying effects on the scirrhous pulmonary focal centre. Teucrium:Specific in pulmonary diseases, pneumonia and tuberculous affections of the lungs

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Weakness of the parenchymatous organs, especially of the lungs, frequently characterzied by weakness of the back, nocturnal perspiration, sensitivity to colds, disturbances of the blood circulation (cold feet), lack of appetite, paleness and limpid aspect of the face, following upon loss of blood. R31 in anaemia. R32 with nocturnal perspiration. R26 as an eliminating stimulant. R43 in asthmatic constitution. R8 and R9 with catarrh and cough. with pulmonary weakness in diabetes also make use of R 40.

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