Phosphorus 30C

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Indicated when

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Indicated when
Mind: Great lowness of spirits. Easily vexed. Fearfuluness, as if something were creeping out of every corner. Hypo-sensitive, indifferent.
Head: Vertigo of the aged, after rising. Heat comes from spine. Neuralgia; parts must be kept warm. Brain-fag with coldness of occiput.
Eyes: Cataract. Sensation as if everything were covered with a mist or veil, oe dust, or something pulled tightly over eyes. Green halo about the candlelight. Letter appear red. Atrophy of optic nerve.
Ears: Hearing difficult, especially to human voice. Reechoing of sounds. Dullness of hearing after typhoid.
Nose: Fan-like motion of nostrils. Bleeding; epistaxis instead of menses. Over-sensitive smell. Chronic catarrh, with small hoemorrhages.
Face: Pale, sickly complexion; blue rings under eyes. Hippocratic countenance. Swelling and necrosis of lower jaw.
Mouth: Swelled and easily bleeding gums, ulcerated. Toothache after washing clothes. Tongue dry, smooth, red or white, not thickly coated. Thirst for very cold water.
Stomach: Hunger soon after eating. Sour taste and sour eructations after every meal. Belching large quqntities of wind, after eating. throws up ingesta by the mouthfuls. Vomiting; water is thrown up as soon as it gets warm in the stomach. Post-operative vomiting. Bad effects of eating too much salt.
Abdomen: Feels cold. Sharp, cutting pains. A very weak, empty, gone sensation felt in whole abdominal cavity.
Stool: Very fetid stools and flatus. Long, narrow, hard, like a dog’s. Difficult to expel. Desire for stool on lying on left side. Painless, copious debilitating diarrhoea. Great weakness after stool.
Urine: Haematuria, especially in acute Bright’s disease. Turbid, brown, with red sediment.
Male: Lack of power. Irresistible desire; involuntary emission, with lascivious dreams.
Female: Metritis. Chlorosis. Phlebitis. Fistulous tracks after mammary abscess.
Respiratory: Hoarseness; worse evenings. Larynx very painful. Aphonia, worse evenings, with rawness.
Heart: Violent palpitation with anxiety, while lying on left side. Pulse rapid, small, and soft.
Back: Burning in back; pain as if broken. Heat between the shoulder-blades.
Sleep: Great drowsiness, especially after meals. Coma vigil. Sleeplessness in old people. Vivid dreams of fire; of haemorrhage.
Fever: Chilly every evening. Cold knees at night. Hectic, with small, quick pulse; viscid hight-sweats.
Skin: Wounds bleed very much, even if small; they heal and break out again. Little ulcer outside of large ones.
Also available in 6C, 30C 200C, 1M, 10M, 50M, CM potencies as well as in packing of 100 gms. as well as 30ml, 60ml, 120ml liquids Prices given on request.

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