Essentia aurea – Gold drops – Dr. Reckeweg R 2

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usea in treating cardiac neurosis,nervous perturbations,arrhythmia,tachycardia,extrasystoles,constrictions,angina pectoris,coronary insufficiencies. Arnica: Painful sensations in the heart. Nervous heart trouble. Aurum Chlorat.: Main action on: Myocardium, arota and coronary artery. Heart oppressions and dilatations, afflux of blood to the head , precordial pains. Cactus: Sensations of suffocaton, strong pulse, oppressions. stenocardia and angina pectoris. Crataegus: Excellent tonic for heart and blood circulation.Myocardial weakness and hypotonia. Digitalis: Heart tonic in case of cardiac weakness. Cardiac neurosis with anguish and agitation, strong pulse. Igantia: Various nervous sensations of the heart, mainly following affections of a depressing nature (anxiety, restlessness). Also in general nervous irritation and sleeplessness. Kalium phosphor.: General nervous exhaustion, anaemia and myocardial weakness. Conduction disturbances. Laurocerasus: Cyanosis with myocardial insufficiency. Pressure and pain in the chest. Spigelia: Strong and abnormal pulsations, visible and perceivable. Pain extending down left arm. Veleriana: Nervous agitations, changing humour, nervous hypersensivity. Functional affections of the heart, strong pulse, cardiac nervousness.

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Essentia aurea – Gold drops indicated in organic and functional affections of the heart,mainly cardiac neurosis. Nervous perturbations. Arrhythmia, tachycardia, extrasystoles, constrictions, angina pectoris, coronary insufficiencies. Also indicated in strong pulse,palpitations,excitations,anguish and oppression of the heart,vegetative dystonia. In myocardial insufficiencies of light to medium degree, use R3 In gastro-cardiac symptoms, additional use of R5, 1-3 times a day 10-15 drops before or after meals. In cardiac arrhythmias: R66 or R22. In acute myocardial infarct: give in alteration every 1/2 -1-2 hours 10-15 drops of : R2, R 67 and R 55. Follow-up treatment with R3, also R 44.

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