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Acid Phosphor.: Typhoid fever, sleepiness, acute and chronic diarrhoea. Baptisia: Diarrhoea with much mucus, dull headache, fever, brown coated tongue, swollen body. Chamomilla: Aqueous or greenish stools after a chill, colics. Chinin. arsen.: Bactericidal diarrhoea with fever, general exhaustion and asthenia.Colocynthis: Dysenteric stools with violent intestinal spasms. Ferum phosphoricum: Watery diarrhoea with strong flatulence. Remedy for fever and inflammation. Mercur. subl. corr.: Glairy and blood-tinged stools, exhausting colics and tenacious tenesmus.Oleander: Explosive pultaceous stools, colicky intestinal cramps, undigested stools. Rhus toxicodendron: Watery diarrhoea, mucohaemorrhagic, restlessness, drowsiness. Result of getting wet. Veratrum alb.: Vomiting and diarrhoea with violent shivering and collapse. Diarrhoea in summer.

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Acute and chronic gastro-entero-colitis of all types. Summer diarrhoea after a chill or faulty diet. Intestinal catarrh, intestinal influenza, diarrhoea with fever, typhoid fever, dysentery. In long standing cases with low vitality and poor reactivity: additionally R 26, 10-15 drops once daily. In intestinal spasms: additionally R 37. During convalescence: Vita-C 15.

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