Calcarea Phosphorica 30C

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Indicated when Mind: Peevish, forgetful; after grief and vexation. Always wants to go somewhere. Head: Headache, worse near the region of sutures, from change of weather, of school children about puberty. Fontanellers remain open too long. Cranial bones soft and thin. Eyes: Diffused opacity in cornea following abscess. Mouth: Swollen tonsils; cannot open mouth without pain. Complaints durning teething; teeth develop slowly; rapid decay of teeth. Stoamch: Infant wants to nurse all the time and vomits easily Craving for bacon, ham, salted or smorked meats. Much flatulence. Abdomen: At every attempt to eat, colicky pain in abdomen. Sunken and flabby. Colic, soreness and burning around navel. Stool: Bleeding after hard stool. Diarrhoea from juicy fruits or cider; during dentition. Green, slimy, hot, sputtering, undigested, with fetid flatus. Urine: Incresed, with sensation of weakness. Pain in region of kindeys when lifting or blowing the nose. Female: Menses to early, excessive, and bright in girls. If late, blood is dark; sometimes, first bright, then dark, with violent backache. During lactation with sexual excitement. Respiratory: Involuntary sighing. Chest sore. Suffocative cough; better lying down. Pain through lower left lung. Neck and Back: Rheumatic pain from draught of air, with dtiffness and dullness of head. Soreness in sacro-iliac symphysis as if broken. Relationship: Compare: Calcar. hypophosporosa is to be preferred when it seems necessary to furnish the organism with liberal doses of phosphorus in consequence of continued abscesses having reduced the vitality. Also available in 6C, 30C 200C, 1M, 10M, 50M, CM potencies as well as in packing of 100 gms. as well as 30ml, 60ml, 120ml liquids Prices given on request.

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