Cancel and Return policy

We are confident of the products we sell, are well know branded products and we give a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE If you are not satisfied with any product you may return it back to us and you will qualify for a full refund, minus shipping.

Refunds Terms& Conditions:

1. We do not accept payment if refund needs to be desperate, if refund requested after delivery then we refund within 5 days of product returned back to us.

2. Refund only possible if, the product is delivered back & shipment cost to be borne by the customer.

3. If the goods are delivered in the damage condition to the customer, then the shipping cost is to be borne by the company. And we will reship the product.

4. Mode of refund would be credit card refund.

5. No Exchange Policy
Customer can send product back and claim refund.

6. No Cancellation Policy
If, customer cancels midway after product shipped they will have ship it back and claim refund.

7. If the product needs to be cancelled due to any reason prior the receipt, shipping charges will not be charged if product not shipped at that point of time.

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