Kali Bichromicum 200
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Kali Bichromicum 200

Kali Bichromicum 200

    Description : Indicated when Head: Vertigo with nausea when rising from seat. Headache over eyebrows, preceded by blurred vision. Aching and fullness in glabella. Frontal pain; usually over one eye. Eyes: Supra-orbital neuralgia, right side. Eyelids burn swollen oedematous. Discharge ropy and yellow. Ulcers on cornea; no pain or photophobia. Descemetitis, with only moderate irritation of eye. Slight pain, with severe ulceration or inflammtion. Ears: Swollen, with tearing pains. Thick, yellow, stringy, fetid discharge. Sharpe stitches in left ear. Nose: Snuffles of children, especially fat, chubby babies. Pressure and pain at root of nose, and sticking pain in nose. Septum ulcerated; round ulcer. Fetid smell. Discharge thick, ropy, greenish-yellow. Much hawking. Inability to breathe through nose. Dryness. Coryza, with obstruction of nose. Violent sneezing. Profuse, watery nasal discharge. Face: Florid complexion. Biotchy, red appearance. Acne. Bones sensitive, especially beneath orbits. Mouth: Dry; viscid saliva. Tongue mapped, red, shining, smooth, and dry, with dysentery; broad, flat, indented, thickly coated. Throat: Fauces red and inflamed. Dry and rough. Parotid glands swollen. Uvula relaxed, oedematous, bladder-like. Pseudomembranous deposit on tonsils and soft palate. Discharge from mouth and throat, tough and stringy. Stomach: Nausea and vomiting after beer. Load immediately after eating. Feels as if digestion had stopped. Dilatation of stomach. Desire for beer and acids. Gastric symptoms are relieved after eating, and the rheumatic symptoms reappear. Vomiting of bright yellow water. Abdomen: Cutting pain in abdomen, soon after eating. Chronic intestinal ulceration. Soreness in right hypochondrium, fatty infiltration of liver and increase in soft fibrous tissue. Stool: Jelly-like, gelatinous; worse, morning. Dysentery; tenesmus, stools brown, frothy. Sensation of a plug in anus. Urinary: Burning in urethra. After urinating a drop seems to remain which cannot be expelled. Ropy mucus in urine. Urethra becomes clogged up. Male: Itching and pain of penis, with pustules. Ulcers, with paroxysmal stitches; aggravated at night. Syphilitic ulcers, with cheesy, tenacious exudation. Erections. Female: Yellow, tenacious leucorrhoea. Pruritus of vulva with great burning and excitement. Prolapsus uteri; worse in hot weather. Respiratory: Voice hoarse; worse, evening. Metallic, hacking cough. Profuse, yellow expectoration, very glutinuous and sticky, coming out in long, stingy, and very tenacious mass. Pain at bifurcation of trachea on coughing; from mid-sternum to back. Heart: Diltation, expecially from coexisting kidney lesion. Cold feeling around heart. Back: Cutting through loins; cannot walk; extends to groins. Pain in coccyx and sacrum extending up and down Skin: Acne, popular eruptions. Ulcer with punched-out edges, with tendency to penetrate and tenacious exudation. Pustular eruption, resembling smallpox, with burning pains. Also available in potencies 1M and 10M as well as in packing of 10 ml and 100 ml. Prices given on request.
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    Single Remedy
    Short Description : Indicated when
    Product type : Liquid Dilution
    Dosage : As prescribed by the physician.
    Strength : 30ml (Liquid)
    Manufacturer : Dr Wilmar Schwabe Pvt. Ltd / DHU-Arzneimittel
    Packing : 30ml (Liquid)
    Remaining : 100 Product
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