Dysmenorrhoea drops - Dr. Reckeweg R 75
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Dysmenorrhoea drops - Dr. Reckeweg R 75

Dysmenorrhoea drops - Dr. Reckeweg R 75

    Description : Dysmenorrhoea. Cramping pains. Labour pains. In menorrhagia and metrorrhagia:compare R28. if spasms radiate to the entire abdomen give additionally R37.
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    Caulophyllum thalictroid.D2, Chamomilla D30, Cimicifuga D3, Cuprum aceticum D4, Magnesium phosphoricum D6, Viburnum opulus D2.
    Short Description : The contained ingredients have an affinity to the female i.e. the reproductive organs, upon which the remedies act in such a way as to palliate the pain and to act as an antispasmodic. Caulophyllum thalictroides: Fits of lower abdominal spasms. Chamomilla: Oversensitive state. Cimicifuga: Sudden flashlike, shooting pains in the lower abdominal region. Cuprum acticum: Sever dysmenorrhoea. Magn. phosph: Dysmenorrhoea ameliorated by natural discharges such as onset of menses. Viburnum opulus: Lower abdominal spasm extending in the thighs. lrregular menses.
    Product type : Drops
    Dosage : In severe pain and in labour pains: frequent administration of 10 drops in some water every 1/4 to 1/2 hour. As improvement sets in give 10-15 drops every 1-2 hours. In dysmenorrhoea give 10-15 drops in some water 2-3 times a day over longer periods.
    Strength : Bottle of 22ml.
    Manufacturer : Dr. Reckeweg & Co. Gmbh
    Packing : Bottle of 22ml
    Remaining : 100 Product
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